Training of Corps Members is ongoing each Month in batches: The concept is to remove the stigma that our graduates are not employable. Therefore, the Institute enjoined employers of labour to partner with the Institute in employing ICBC trained graduates.

Corps members are trained on:

Work Place Expectation & Self Development Training.

  1. Life after school
  2. Creative & Critical thinking
  3. Office Ethics
  4. Work-Place Relationship
  5. Managing and Understanding your Boss
  6. Organizational Politics
  7. Business Communication/Writing Skills
  8. Preparing for Interview
  9. Secretes of Leadership Success
  10. Setting a Career Path
  11. Marketing Strategy
  12. Presentation Skill
  13. Introduction to Spreadsheet.


  1. New Business Start up
  2. How to Grow your Business
  3. Sources of Business Finance
  4. Forms of Business Models
  5. Managing Finance
  6. Business Culture & Integrity
  7. Basic Book Keeping in Business
  8. Effective Time Management
  9. Effective Team Building
  10. Understanding Performance and
  11. Performance Management

Business Specifics Training:

  1. E-Commerce
  2. Business Plan
  3. Product & Services Branding and Packaging
  4. Introduction to Project Management

Our training will address the following;

  1. Educate Corps members on expectations after service year and to become self-sustaining graduate.
  2. Prepare Corps members for workplace environment
  3. Inculcate entrepreneurship
  4. Get them exposed to the dynamics of business ownership
  5. Develop public speaking and presentation skills
  6. Acquisition of basic skills that will also reduce the rate of unemployment
  7. After undergoing this training; Corps members will: 7.1 Write test based on what was taught 7.2 Issued Certificate of participation 7.3 absorbed into the Institute’s graduate membership with GICBC designation after meeting council’s requirements.