ICBC Nigeria

Brief History of ICBC Nigeria

THE INSTITUTE OF CERTIFIED BUSINESS CONSULTANTS (ICBC), NIGERIA, an affiliate of ICBC Canada and USA, the Institute which has a worldwide membership. ICBC Nigeria is fully incorporated in Nigeria with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in the year 2013 after due approval by the Federal Ministry of Education and also Federal Ministry of Justice. The Institute is saddled with the responsibility of providing quality Education, Training, Consultancy, and Research & Development in Business management to the citizens at a higher standard to boost the Nigerian Economy.

Who we are:

Affiliate of “The Institute of Certified Business Consultants (ICBC), Canada and USA, an international professional organization chartered in the States of Delaware and Washington, USA with international administrative office in Canada. The Institute has a worldwide membership with a growing global presence. Our members are employed in all sectors of the economy, making significant contribution to the efficiency of businesses. Our focus has always been on professional values and high ethical standards, thus offering opportunities for studying and career advancement in the field of business. Join the Institute of Certified Business Consultants:

  1. To be transformed from Micro-entrepreneur level to Semi-Skilled, Skilled
  2. To become a Professional Certified Business Consultant.
  3. To expand your knowledge and career potential with the Institute, as there is an increasing amount of overseas employment and assignments of varying duration. This helps consultants (members) to gain first-hand experience in international business.
  4. The global ICBC has partnered with the award-winning Skillsology Online Learning Platform based in the UK to offer members the opportunity to study for the Mini MBA program. This course is 100% online and that means one can study anytime from anywhere.
  5. ICBC has also partnered with UTICA College in New York for several online courses, Brentwood Open Learning College, UK; these learning opportunities are available to ICBC members world-wide with discounted tuition fees.
  6. Effort is being made for more local and international partnership for members’ educational advancement.

The aims of ICBN

  1. The Institute‘s founding fathers saw the yearnings of young school leavers and immigrants seeking white collar jobs that are not readily available; they saw the need to bridge this gap by making white collar job seekers become entrepreneurs through the Institute ‘s training and coaching programs.
  2. The believes that for any country to grow and sustain her Gross Domestic products (GDP) index there must be a deliberate collaborations of all stakeholders in that country.
  3. The founding fathers of this great Institute anchored on this idea that a country’s economic growth should not be left in the hands of University and Polytechnic graduates without developing the crafts and artisans sector.
  4. ICBC embraces and teaches all forms of business models employed by businesses; be it manufacturing, distributing, retailing or franchising in creating, delivering and capturing value for its customers.
  5. Business today requires professionals to integrate knowledge from multiple sources to address strategic business issues and help to create new innovation – driven business models.
  6. All over the world there are persistent business crises; high percentage numbers of youths are unemployed because the hope of being employed has failed. The compressed strategy life cycle needs a radical approach of integrated knowledge of theories and practicals that will step up the zeal of independency to achieve success in individual lives in particular and the global economy in general. The Institute of Certified Business Consultants is a bundle of these ideas that stands to loosen up into members to have positive impact on the economy.
  7. Business consultants provide advice to clients in a wide variety of situations arising from various professional areas. The uniqueness of the ICBC is in its multidisciplinary structure.